David Bicho

Commercial photographer with my feet both in still and moving images. I’m also a passionate evangelist when it comes to spreading knowledge of light. 📸


Besides loving the simplest form of photography, I must confess that I have a thing for big, complex challenges and projects. I work seamlessly between still- and film production, so contact me if you have an interesting challenge!


I have joined forces with Humblestorm, an advertising agency in Sweden known for its incredibly creative atmosphere and community of like-minded individuals. Together, we share a passion for pushing the limits of creativity, eagerly embracing innovative technologies, and taking my previous solo endeavors to an unprecedented level of collaboration and excellence!


Light passion

My enthusiasm for lighting and teaching has led me to conduct masterclasses and lectures globally. However, when the pandemic hit, my in-person sessions transformed into a densely-packed online educational resource titled Light By Bicho, featuring extensive episodes for lighting enthusiasts.

Enthusiasts of lighting from various corners of the globe delved into the most profound depths of “enlightenment” that have ever been achieved.

Following the pandemic, the entire digital collection was transferred to my esteemed colleagues at Profoto Academy, who have skillfully condensed it into comprehensive advanced courses. Check it out: